Unique Toilet Paper Holder Stand for Multiple Functions

Have you found a toilet without toilet paper holder stand? This must be a nightmare. We do need the paper prepared next to the toilet so that we can’t find any problem with our clean and healthy body. Paper holder is not always in this freestanding design. You may sometimes find the holder mounted on wall.

Toilet paper holder stand is more preferable because it is commonly moveable. Different from the wall mount holder that is fixed on the wall, this paper holder stand enable you to position it wherever you want. Besides, in terms of design, it looks more interesting.

Place this Toilet Paper Holder Stand with Metal Material and High Paper Supplay for Vintage Bathroom Area

Glossy Meta Material for Simple Paper Holder Stand beside White Toilet inside Minimalist Bathroom with Clean Wall

There are at least three basic designs that differentiate one stand to the other stands. It can be stand with single holder, double holder and custom design. The following single paper holder stand examples are all interesting. They have either vertical or horizontal holding style. Some of them have special ornaments and design. Take a look at the unique giraffe paper holder. It is awesome!

Place your Magazine in the Brilliant Toilet Paper Holder using Metal Material and Old Fashioned Design

Place your Magazine in the Brilliant Toilet Paper Holder using Metal Material and Old Fashioned Design Appealing Details in Classic Stand Holder for Toilet Paper with Glossy Material and Stunning Design on White Flooring

Giraffe Shaped Toilet Paper Holder Stand from Wood Material in Mini Size for Two Rolled Papers

Try the Old Fashioned Holder Stand in your Toilet with Various Glossy Materials on Grey Marble Flooring

Tiny Black Bear Ornament for Upper Side of Toilet Paper Holder with Brown Base and Metal Handle

Choosing Paper Holder Stand for Toilet Supplies with Glossy Metal Handles and Stylish Design on White Flooring

If you do not regularly check the paper. You better take the double paper holder in a single stand. It is a good solution for you who frequently forget to supply the paper. If one roll of toilet paper is already used, you still have another roll of toilet paper.

Interesting Design of Holder Stand for Toilet Paper with Lower Magazine Storage and Toilet Paper Supplay Space

The other interesting design of the paper holder is those that have other functions. Some of the holder stand is directly equipped with the shelf to put the other papers before they are set to the holder.

Wildwest Style for Toilet Paper Holder Stand with Rustic Details and Horseshoe Ornaments as the Base

Round Storage for Toilet Paper in Holder Stand with Attractive Details and Strong Black Metal Material

Glossy Base in Round Shape under High Shiny Handle used for Old Fashioned Toilet Paper Holder

Back to 80 with Metal Toilet Paper Holder Stand using Round Base and Strong Dark Handle

In addition, there are also some other interesting design. The holder is designed with a rack to put magazine, books or newspaper. This is a great solution for those who love reading when they are in the toilet. Most of them also feature a stick to hold the other toilet paper supply.

Best Recommendation Holder Stand to Place Toilet Paper with Reflective Materials and Appealing Design for Gorgeous Bathroom

Strong Materials for Amazing Holder Stand with Toilet Paper Supply and Chrome Material also Bronze and Satin Nickel

For bonus tips, you need to also consider the material used to make the stand. You can either take the toilet paper holder stand chrome for contemporary look or toilet paper holder stand brushed nickel for classic look.

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