That Looks Like Wood: Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles?

Wood seems to be the most popular material that is employed in residential building. They give appealing support for the interior look. In addition, it also gives a perfect sense of warmer atmosphere. Due to its popularity, the demand is now increasing. However, the price of the real wood material is quite expensive. That’s why there are some materials that are made to imitate wood. Especially for tiling, here there are some ideas about tile that looks like wood.

Extraordinary Tile Pattern that Looks like Wood for Contemporary Bathroom with Modern Faucet and Towel Handle

Enchanting Industrial Interior using Appealing Tile that Looks like Wood and Exposed White Brick Wall near Black and White Chairs

Many homeowners think that appearance is really matter. This makes them want try to have the best look of their home. Alternatively, they take the imitation of wood for the tiling. Sometimes, homes in certain location with high humidity are not good to be equipped with wood tiles. Wood look tile is a good solution.

Minimalist White Vanity and Clean Bathtub on Brown Tile using Wood Looks Pattern near White Painted Wall

Natural Stone Sink on Wooden Vanity and White Top inside Bathroom with Wood Like Tile and Closed Bathtub

There are some pros and cons of tile that looks like wood. The pros are mostly about its impressive look and durability. Ceramic and porcelain offer you with impressive pattern that last long. They are tough materials and will be free from scratches. It is also good for wet environments. Thanks also to the endless options of the tiles. They are available in any colors, sizes and finishes.

Appealing Grey Tile that Looks like Wood inside Spacious Bathroom with Square Bathtub and Closed Glass Shower Room

Colorful Details on Unique Wood Like Tile with Red and Blue Details for Contemporary and Rustic Interior

On the other hand, both ceramic and porcelain are cold. They are totally different from the real wood that provides warmth. Besides, due to its hardness, you should not drop any fragile things. Besides, the installation and replacement are difficult.

Innovative Ideas of Wood Like Tiles in Minimalist House with Traditional and Comfy Interior Design Ideas

Classic Kitchen with Old Fashioned Lamps and Long Island on Brilliant Tile that Looks like Wood

There are some tile that looks like wood pictures that may inspire you to install similar tile to your home. The best wood look tile is ceramic tile. In addition to offering a stunning look of wood like tiling, it also guarantees you with durable tiling, even for outdoor flooring.

Wonderful Marble Wall and Stunning Wood Look Tile near Classic Clear Glass Window for Balcony Idea

Beautiful Blue Sea View near Cozy Patio with White Chair and Long Coffee Table under Wide Pergola and Ceiling Fans

Besides, porcelain tile also offers similar to wood look. It is also a good way to deal with home with high humidity. It is also a good solution for you who want to add artificial wood touches in your bathroom. Combined with pebble flooring, porcelain tiles will look great.

Interesting Pebble Flooring and Tile That Looks like Wood Wall for Small Shower Area inside Minimalist Bathroom

Modern Bathroom with Closed Shower Room with Pebble Flooring and Tile That looks Like Wood Wall near Dark Vanity

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