Straw Bale House as Green Living Space Solution

Building a house with friendly environment materials or constructions is highly suggested. In today’s situation, eco-friendly house with green features are encouraged to fulfill the recent environmental issue. Straw bale house type is one of the eco-friendly living space solutions.

Stunning Straw Bale House with Wood Framed Glass Windows and Doors under Flat Roof near Green Trees

The noticing factor from this housing type is the house exterior. Earth color is the typical exterior color of this housing. The construction is purely made from earth materials. Less artificial materials are used.

Use Contemporary Design for Straw Bale House with Glass Windows and Unique Roof using Sunlight Panel

Red brick is the common exterior materials. The exterior nuance shows the natural color. This is how the straw bale house is strongly related to mother earth. The house shape is simple. It’s more like simple housing with sharp lines. The house features are also simple. Small windows are usually installed in the middle of the house wall.

Brown Wall and Simple Roof Design for Straw Bale House with Simple Windows and Door

Wood is also the main house construction in this housing type. The wooden windows and doors are the features set with brick wall and rustic elements. Glass material is a little bit used for the window’s feature and sometimes the ceiling to let the natural light coming in.

Wooden Door and Glass Windows Used in Wide Straw Bale House with Rustic Pergola

The exterior wall is uniquely designed with traditional inspiration. For the homeowner that loves to improvise, straw wall can become the different and beautiful home materials.

Complete Straw Bale House with Straw Wall and Wooden Frame under Oak Roof near Green Yard

Straw bale house has firm identification with rustic themed house. Because almost all the materials are from nature, the house texture and shapes also reflects the nature elements such as wood, stone, or earth color.

Build Straw Bale House with Wooden Frame and Flat Roof beside Pond and Lush Green Trees

Black Oak Frame and Straw Wall Used in Straw Bale House with White Flat Roof near Wide Yard

The rustic design is always enchanting when it meets the nature. Most of this house location is in open nature. Usually the homeowner makes great connection between the house and the scenery surrounding the house.

Rustic Straw Bale House with Wooden Pergola and Straw Wall near Wide Windows

The house roof is also beautiful. Most of the roofs are in earth color, too but some of them are in neutral tone, like white. White color is also employed as the alternative color for the windows and doors. Although nature is the main house theme, it doesn’t mean that modern accent with neutral color doesn’t fit.

White Roof and Straw Wall Completing Straw Bale House with Wooden Frame and Simple Door

White Framed Glass Windows and Wide Door Completing Minimalist Straw Bale House with Flat Roof

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