Standing Toilet Paper Holder for Modern Bathroom Remodel Appliance

There is more flexibility if you choose standing toilet paper holder for your bathroom. The bathroom that cannot meet standard can use this standing holder. The flexibility is also recommended for bathroom that is used by children.

Futuristic Standing Toilet Paper Holder with Glossy Frame and Paper Roll Holder for Stylish Bathroom Area

Besides the flexibility features, toilet paper holder in standing style can also prevent the bathroom wall from damage. It’s good that today there is many standing toilet paper holding designs.

Swivel Metal Details for Sensational Standing Toilet Paper Holder with Round Base and Glossy Metal Material

It’s not only functional, but this standing holder is also artistic. Chrome colors and stainless materials are the most popular one.

Back to Old Fashioned Design for Standing Toilet Paper Holder from Glossy Metal and Dark Handle on Grey Flooring

Pedestal holder can also be the most sophisticated bathroom appliance. They have futuristic design with shiny features.

Complete Gorgeous Bathroom Space with Glossy Standing Toilet Paper Holder from Metal Material and Unusual Design

However, if you like simplicity, the pedestal holder is commonly produced in sleek shape. It suits the tiny room size. This pedestal holder will not make the wall broken, especially if you are not good in doing installation.

Single Handle for Stylish Standing Toilet Paper Holder with Round Base and Glossy Handle on White Flooring

Luxurious bathroom can have monochromatic pedestal holder made from fine stainless material. The design can be adjusted with the interior theme.

Interesting Design for Glossy Standing Toilet Paper Holder with Simple Handle and Square Base on White Flooring

Another design is the rustic style. Natural bathroom or Zen themed bathroom can use this rustic pedestal paper holder.

Choose Unusual Standing Toilet Paper Holder in Rustic Design with Tree Like Handle and Unique Details

Can specific theme have this standing holder? Yes, because there is a ranch themed pedestal holder. Bring the ranch elements into the paper holder design. You can customize more if you need more complicated shape.

The Best Choice for Old Fashioned Bathroom with Ranch Themed Standing Toilet Paper Holder and Horseshoes Base

Coming to the new technology innovation, cylindrical pedestal is the star. This doesn’t show how mundane a toilet paper can be.

Semi Closed Standing Toilet Paper Holder with High Frame and Glossy Material on Round Shaped Base

Another design inspired by modern style is the standing holder with circle as the platform. This is simple and can be count on when you need it becomes moveable.

Back to Simple Old Fashioned Bathroom with Round Based Standing Toilet Paper Holder using Long Handle

Wire standing toilet paper holder is a unique. It has magazine racks under the paper holder. This accommodates you if you like reading.

Easy Reading Magazine with Storage on Unique Standing Toilet Paper Holder with Vintage Metal Legs and Handle

The combination between natural wood and stainless is presented through simple and sleek pedestal holder. You can place it besides indoor greenery.

Combine Square Metal Base and Oak Handle for Contemporary Standing Toilet Paper Holder on Marble Tile Flooring

High Paper Rool Handles in Metal Standing Toilet Paper Holder on Round Base and Glossy Handle

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