Refreshing Philosophy of Beautifully Arranged Feng Shui Living Room

Have you tried organizing your living space with feng shui living room? If you are looking for remodeling ideas for your seating space, you should consider trying this one.

Modern Feng Shui Living Room with Grey Sofa Chaise and Low Glass Top Coffee Table near Green Bean Bag

Feng Shui room organization is related with the strength, freshness, cleanliness, and positive energy. So if you desire your living room looks refreshing and beautiful at the same time, start to see these feng shui tips.

Oversized Crystal Chandelier above Round Sofa Chaise inside Gorgeous Feng Shui Living Room with Wide Carpet

Feng Shui based organization ideas lead to well organized and clutter free room. This cleanliness concept is the basic foundation of the Feng Shui emphasize.

Feng Shui Living Room Ideas with White Ottomans and Long Sofa near Grey Tables on Cream Carpet Rug

The concept of Feng Shui is applicable to all room sizes. Smaller room needs more airy and lighter furniture. Get neutral colors as the basic color theme

Fill Small Living Room using Feng Shui with White Sofas and Low Oak Table on Grey Carpet

Besides color choices, the functions should be considered, too. Living room furniture should be practical. Regarding to the furniture style, choose the ones you think it’s beautiful for your living room theme.

The Modern Details in Feng Shui Living Room with Low White Sofas and Grey Coffee Table under Stylish Lamps

Colors are important for feng shui living room. Since the Feng Shui concept emphasize on airy, choose white or smooth color as the palette.

Relaxing Feeling from Feng Shui Living Room with Round White Table and Grey Sofa near Egg Chair

Pay attention to the living room element materials and shapes. Too heavy elements such as hardwood or big chairs are not really suitable for feng shui theme. Let the modern furniture that is light and bright takes over.

Decorate the White Feng Shui Living Room with Colorful Cushions and Round Glass Coffee Table on Grey Carpet

The main key of Feng Shui living room is balance. Don’t let one living room’s side is heavier than another. Keep the furniture and decorations are on the right proportion. That’s why location and placement assessment is important.

Wide Flower Wall Art inside Feng Shui Living Room with Round Green Table and White Sofas

Related to the room balance, make the best room arrangement by placing the living room’c components do not block the free move space.

Natural Wooden Coffee Table and Grey Sofas near Modern Fireplace inside Spacious Feng Shui Living Room

Add Gorgeous Chandelier for Feng Shui Living Room with Wide Ottomans and Long Sofa beside Minimalist Tables

Creating good energy is the principle in Feng Shui room. Make the room is the best place to get fresh air. Build as many windows as possible and let the sunlight coming in.

Place your Books on Tidy Floating Shelves in Feng Shui Living Room with White Sofas and Table on Oak Flooring

Lighting fixture is another important concept in Feng Shui room. Pick the living room lighting that compliments your space theme.

Comfortable Sofas and Wooden Table on Hardwood Flooring inside Feng Shui Living Room near Dining Room

Animal Skin Rug for Minimalist Feng Shui Living Room with Brown Sofa Chaise and Wide Ottoman

Add Orange Accent in Cream Feng Shui Living Room with Unique Coffee Table and Cream Sofas

Choose Unusual Floor Lamp for Cozy Feng Shui Living Room with Dark Sofas and Round Glass Top Table

Spend More Time inside Bright Feng Shui Living Room with White Chaise and Wooden Table facing Black Fireplace

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