Practical Garage Apartment Plan As Low-cost Housing Plan

Garage apartment plan is used to add more space to your house so there is more area to do family gathering. The garage plan is also used to put more households that are needed to give more storage. Several tips will help you to organize and arrange the layout of the garage apartment project.

Garage Apartment Plans with Cozy Sofa Bed and Glass Top Table beside Wooden Computer Desk

Affordable housing plans need careful thought in designing the layout. The interior should consist of cheap appliances and components. The first step you may need to take is by getting clearance. If permission is needed, go to the local government about the legal. After all, you can start to think about the building components you need to use as the house construction.

Complete Garage Apartment Plans with Hanging Seats and Blue Mat on Laminate Teak Flooring

Although garage apartment plan is cheaper than building typical housing, it doesn’t mean the safety factor should be ignored. Cheek again the ground structure and the building construction you will make. Safety is the priority that should be put as the first list.

Use Classic White Bookshelves and Cabinets for Garage Apartment Plans to Home Library

Determining the purpose and the floor plan is the next setting arrangement. Divide the room into several parts that will be the areas for living room, bedroom, or gathering room. The rooms will be better it they are multifunctional.

Choose Open Floor for Garage Apartment Plans with Small Dining Area and Long Kitchen Counter

The other housing elements you should pay attention is the electricity and water. The wiring should be checked especially if the garage has not good electricity system before. Consult with the plumber about the plumbing system.

Innovative Garage Apartment Plans Completed with Wood Framed Glass Flip Doors and Cozy Sitting Room

Garage apartment plan should have great gathering spot. Although the gathering area is small, the warm design is still possible to be arranged from reclaimed furniture and repurposed wardrobe.

Change Garage Apartment Plans to be Cozy Sitting Room with White Sofas and Ottoman

It’s nice if the garage apartment is also used as home office. The space will be larger rather than a home office that is only in home corner. You can place large table for four or even six people. This spot is awesome for those who work from home.

Place Simple Wooden Desk and Modern Chair inside Home Office from Garage Apartment Plans

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