Modern Stacked Stone Backsplash in Kitchen: Why Not

What is on your mind when first knowing about the stacked stone backsplash? Don’t you think that this kind of tile system can enhance both minimalist and modern kitchen design? Now, let’s take a look at the following instruction. Are you dealing with a fascinating installation for kitchen decoration? If you do, this kind of tiles is the most suitable one.

Adorable Stacked Stone Backsplash for Kitchen Areas Added with Wall Mounted Lamp and Brown Wooden Cabinets

Decoration of Modern Kitchen

First of all, we will talk about the installation of kitchen furniture in the large space. The kitchen island is better applied in the middle of space since the kitchen has a modern concept. Talking about the counter concept, stacked stone is also used for the optimization. The difference is that the counter area has glossy stacked surface. It makes the interior becomes so magnificent. Furthermore, the wall lamps look as adorable as the kitchen cabinet is painted in soft olive color. With such true color, the stacked backsplash must look so enormous.

Amazing Stacked Stone Backsplash with White Wooden Cabinets Added with Brown Wooden Kitchen Island Ideas

Amusing Stacked Stone Backsplash for Bathroom Areas Added with Wall Mounted Lamp and White Sink Ideas

Talking about the counter areas in the kitchen basin, the similar concept of stacked stone backsplash is better applied. If the counter area is installed with similar color as on the kitchen back splash, the decoration must not look too amusing. Yet, the kitchen faucet can be made of a stainless material or bronze material. In this area, the light system depends on the installation of a kitchen cabinet. Yet, you must really know that rough surface looks so clear on the back splash. It proves that the modern kitchen is really well-decorated.

Awesome Stacked Stone Backsplash with Black Sink Added with Brown Wooden Cabinets for Kitchen Areas

Astonishing Stacked Stone Backsplash with Silver Sink Added with Brown Wooden Cabinets for Kitchen Areas

Transition in Kitchen Area

For those who just want to apply the stacked stone for main backsplash system, you can see the following pictures. You can see that the stone can be combined with another lamp installation. Yet, the appearance must look so enormous because of the pale color of the backsplash. With the darker color of a kitchen cabinet, you can only install the lamp above the surface of stove area. Sometimes, a horizontal installation can be a very great idea. It completely enhances the decoration of kitchen with stacked backsplash.

Astounding Stacked Stone Backsplash with White Color Added with Silver Stove Added Brown Wooden Cabinets Ideas

Fantastic Stacked Stone Backsplash with Grey Color Ideas Added with Black Iron Stove and Brown Wooden Cabinets Ideas

Again, the model of the kitchen faucet is very various. In some suggestion, darker color is the most applicable model. This kind of faucet can contrast the soft color of the kitchen backsplash. Yet, the glowing lamp installation must not be able to take control on the dominant of rough appearance of the backsplash. This concept is not applied on the decoration of island. For both modern and minimalist kitchen, the glossy countertop is the most magnificent style. You cannot deny that this kitchen decoration is the best one. Hence, the decoration must be so mesmerizing, right?

Elegant Stacked Stone Backsplash for Kitchen Areas Added with Black Sink and White Brown Wooden Cabinets

Marvelous Stacked Stone Backsplash with Silver Stove Also Brown Mapple Wooden Cabinets Added with Marble Desk

Superb Stacked Stone Backsplash with Black Marble Desk Added with Silver Stove and Black Wooden Cabinets

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