How to Remove Carpet Stain with Homemade Cleaning Solution

Don’t panic if you spill red wine or other substance on your pretty carpet. Here we are going to provide the easy ways how to remove carpet stain with cleaning solution that is made at home. From now on, you can save your maintenance budget to carpet cleaning since you don’t need to get expensive treatment to remove the carpet stain.

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Believe it or not, beer can remove tea or coffee stain on your carpet. Fine rug with tea spill on it seems impossible to clean, but all you need to do is pouring beer on the stain and rub it. You’ll see the stain will be disappeared eventually.

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Besides beer, you can try ammonia. Mixing ammonia with warm water is effective to remove almost any carpet stain without using additional cleaning chemical.

Brown and White Carpet Rug Cleaning by Best How to Remove Carpet Dirt near Hardwood Flooring

When it is about how to remove carpet stain, you should not forget vinegar. Vinegar is the hero in removing stain in almost every household surface. The way to use vinegar is also easy. Mix the vinegar with salt. Add more salt if the stain is thicker. You just mix the vinegar and salt with cold water and the carpet stain will be dissolved.

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Shaving cream can be very useful for carpet cleaning solution, too. When you have juice spill on the rug or carpet, simply use shaving cream to clean the juice spill. This is not for juice; coffee spill can also be handled by this simple liquid mixture.

Best How to Remove Carpet Dirt Ways from Coffee Stain on Cream Carpet Rug

If your carpet has large and big stain spot, don’t panic. Get baking soda and wipe it on the stain with paper towel. This cleaning way is effective and potential to clean any mess in big mass, including urine and vomit.

Small Grey Carpet using Best How to Remove Carpet Dirt with Clean Water Flow

Dry cleaning liquid is another practical way of how to remove carpet stain. This si available in almost every cleaning store and available in spray kit, too.

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Do you spill red wine? Don’t worry, salt will help you to clean the mess up. The wine spot on the carpet will be easily got rid off by salt. Beside salt, the cornstarch is good to remove ink stain. Hydrogen peroxide, club soda and baby wipes are also effective stain remover. Surprising, isn’t it?

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