How bedroom Ideas for Teens Boys and Girls Differ from Each Other

When you are working with your kids’ bedroom, you need to involve them in the designing process. All the bedroom ideas for teens that you find will be directed to them. Some of the ideas you have may not be applicable. To make it easy, you better grab some ideas and then let the kids choose by themselves. Here are some exemplary ideas for you.

Bedroom Ideas for Teen With Two Pillows with Orange and Violet Colors Theme

The first idea is about the coloring. For boy bedroom, the most frequently used colors are black, brown and blue, while for girl bedroom, you can consider pink and purple.

Simple Bedroom for Teen with Cupboard Top of Bed also Zebra Bed Cover

Still about coloring scheme, there are some colors that are applicable for both bedroom ideas for boy and girl. You need to also include some possible color accents to be added. In fact, applying accent color for one of the wall can be a fun idea to do.

Teen Bedroom Inspiration for Small Space with Soft Color Theme

Then, invite what they love. Teen boy and teen girl are not those who love doll and toys. They have grown up and there must be something different that they love. This can be about their hobbies. Girl may love listening to music or reading novel, while boy may love some sports.

Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas with Large Space for Play include Small Bed bedside Cupboard

Creating focal point is very important. As previously mentioned, you can simply create it by applying different accent color painting. Alternatively, you can install wallpaper or mural.

Small Space Ideas for Teen Bedroom with Simple Stuff Cupboard and Bed Violet Theme

What about displaying some photos? It is also a simple yet interesting idea to create a focal point. The photos are not about their own photos or family photos. The inspiring characters, actors, actresses, or sport players can be a great idea.

Minimalist Bedroom for Teen Bob Marley Art and Small Bed also Desk Under Computer include Chair

Help them to show their identity. Display certain musical instrument if they love playing it. Even you can create a mini basketball court inside their bedroom.

Play Space for Teen Bedroom Ideas with Basketball Ring and TV

Also help them to have a good social activity. Add seating units inside to enable them serve their friends. They need to sit together and chat.

Luxurious Teen Bedroom Ideas with Big Space and Queen Bed Size include White Ornament

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 Minimalist Teens Bedroom Ideas with Bunkbed and Cupboard

Large Space for Teens Bedroom Ideas with 3 Pillows and Wall Art

Teens Bedroom Ideas With White Bed Cover and Wall Painting

Simple Teens Bedroom Decoration with Large Cupboard and Red Bed Cover

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