Harmonic Feng Shui Bedroom Decor Elements for Restful Night

The basic Feng Shui decor purpose is to bring harmony and soothing ambiance in an interior. Your private place such as bedroom will have improved decoration with these Feng Shui bedroom ideas. This artistic Chinese interior decor will make your sleep restfully.

Futuristic Feng Shui Bedroom with Wide Bed and Stylish Nightstands on Laminate Flooring

The first thing to do when arranging bedroom with Feng Shui principal is letting go the electronic devices including TV, cell phone, or computer. Electronic equipment will influence the restful sleep. They are believed that their components are dangerous for your health. A dreamy bedroom with deep Feng Shui philosophy can help you recover your sleep difficulty. Add more natural components there such as green plants or flowers in the room corner. Rustic texture in modern modification can be great accent, too.

Laminate Oak Flooring inside Minimalist Feng Shui Bedroom with Wooden Dressers and Leather Sofa

The second is ensuring that the bedroom air quality is good and clean. Good air circulation is essential. If it is not possible to put windows on it, you’ll need ceiling circulation to let the sunlight comes and the air flows. Room ventilation is a must installed component here. Make the bedroom wall looks cozy. Modern bedroom has simpler wall decoration. However, if you emphasize on simplicity, let the bedroom wall looks as clean as possible.

Grey Concrete Wall and Hardwood Flooring for Appealing Feng Shui Bedroom with Platform Bed

Be concerned with Feng Shui bed setting. The bedding should be both sides approachable. Provide two nightstands on each side and make sure that the bedding is in a line with the bedroom door. Bedding is the most important element in your sanctuary space. The bedding shape and setting can also be the bedroom focal point.

Complete Simple Feng Shui Bedroom with Home Office near Wide Bed and Modern Nighstands

Feng Shui bedroom should have balanced colors, too. Bright colors such as white, gold, or smooth colors are suggested. The bedroom can have artistic decorations, too. But choose the arts wisely. Arts can have positive energy if they are correctly placed on the right spot. Nature images are the neutral ones to put in bedroom with Feng Shui.

Classic Teak Nighstands and Fascinating Bed inside Stunning Feng Shui Bedroom with Carpet Flooring

Solid Oak Nightstand and Dressers near Wooden Bed for Minimalist Feng Shui Bedroom

Put the positive energy to all the bedroom spots. Open all bedroom windows in daylight and close the bedroom door at night. Set the right bedroom lighting too to strengthen the positive energy. With these Feng Shui bedroom arrangement tips, you can have nourishing bedroom setting.

Lovely Pink Bedding on White Bed inside Elegant Feng Shui Bedroom with White Nighstands

Bright Table Lamps on Solid Teak Nightstands for Spacious Feng Shui Bedroom with Carpet Flooring

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