Great Floating Wood Shelves Ideas for Minimalist Home Design

The application of floating wood shelves can be suitable for many kinds of home, both minimalist home and large home ideas. People should think about the design of the shelves seriously to get the best floating shelves. Actually, wood is the most recommended material that is safe, unique, and nice for their home. Now, it is time to know about ideas of the floating shelves.

Superb Design Of The Floating Wood Shelves With Reclaimed Oak Wooden Ideas Put At The White Wall

Astounding Floating Wood Shelves With Furnished Mapple Wooden Materials Put At White Wall

Simple Shelves for Incredible Minimalist Home

Have you ever imagined having simple floating wood shelves in your home? Yeah, these shelves will be very useful. You can design the shelves simply. They are just long wooden boards which are applied on the wall, up and down. You should not think that these kinds of shelves will be so boring. You can put some accessories on incredible shelves setting. So, you will also see incredible view inside your home.

Adorable Design Of The Floating Wood Shelves With Oak Wooden Materials Added With White Backsplash Tile

Amazing Design Of Floating Wood Shelves With Brown Reclaimed Wood Ideas Added With Silver Cup And White Ceramics Pots

If you are bored with the shelves design, you can give little touch for the floating shelves to make it more interesting. Where will you give the touch? Yeah, you can give the touch on the application or setting of the shelves. It is not just on up and down of the wall. However, you can make them zigzag. It means that you give an artistic touch on the simple shelves.

Astonishing Floating Wood Shelves With White Reclaimed Wooden Shelves Put At THe Corner Of The Room

Amusing Floating Wood Shelves With Grey Color Added With Some Books And Pics On The Wall

Combining Wooden Boards

Do you have another idea for setting the floating shelves? Don’t be worry. There are many ideas for combining some wooden boards to be amazing floating shelves for your home. Actually, you can put the floating shelves on the corner of the room in your home. You have to remember to make sure that these shelves will beautify the room. Where can you have the corner floating shelves? Yeah, you can have them in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or dining room.

Elegant Design Of The Floating Wood Shelves With Black Reclaimed Wood Put At The Corner Of The Room

You can also have small wooden shelves with a simple shape. These kinds of shelves are suitable to put an accessory to make your home alive. People usually put a small flower pot on this shelve. It is so simple and cute. Of course, you can have some small floating shelves in your home. You can set them as good as you like.

Simple Design Of The Floating Wood Shelves With Half Circle Shape Ideas With White Ceramics Flowers Pots Ideas

What kind of floating shelves those do you like? All kinds of the shelves are good for you. However, you have to suit it with the condition of your home. Kinds of accessory that you can put on the shelves are a photo frame, flower pot, beautiful glass, and so on. You have to remember to give small space between the accessories. So, they will look so amazing and pretty.

Awesome Floating Wood Shelves With Single Black Reclaimed Oak Wooden Added With Black Wooden Framing Picture

Beauty Design Of The Floating Wood Shelves With Reclaimed Wood Ideas Added With A Silver Pots And Pics

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