Fun and Easy Craft Making with Washi Tape Ideas

Besides the features that are interesting, washi tapes also have functional shapes especially for making crafts. These washi tape ideas will prove that this tape type can also be useful for making aesthetic things. Some room decoration or DIY ornaments can be made from this functional type. For sure, your room will look appealing after you try these ideas. Some of the craft ideas are not for ornaments but still they are beautiful crafty ideas.

Appealing Washi Tape Ideas on Blue Globe Ornament above White Computer Desk and Black Chair

Choose Colorful Ribbons and Cloud Shaped Note using Cute Washi Tape Ideas for Simple Room Decoration

Pink washi tape with stripes motives is excellent for making identifying cards or DIY washi tapes bookmarks. This idea is simple since you just have to wrap the washi tape on the white paper.

Simple Washi Tape Ideas with Pink Striped Tape for Tag on Concrete Base in Cozy Room

This one is unique idea. If you are getting bored with your usual keypads, you can modify them by putting colorful washi tapes on them. They are available on store but you can do it by DIY washi tape project. Choose the pretty different washi tapes motives to make the look richer.

Decorate Notebook Keypads using Colorful Washi Tape Ideas with Letters and Important Keys Complete your Cute Working Space Organizer using Brilliant Washi Tape Ideas with Colorful and Various Pattern Tapes


When holiday is coming, use washi tape ideas to make holiday cards. Make the cards from recycled card boxes. After you customize the cards, you can start to apply the washi tape on one card surface. Pick the washi tape color based on the holiday theme, for example, red and green for Christmas holiday cards.

Celebrate Holidays using Card Decorated with Fantastic Pattern from Stunning Washi Tape Ideas

Collect washi tapes in different motives and colors. Washi tapes are cheap craft materials so you can use them as affordable DIY craft. Other washi tape ideas are making them to decorate he note book cover. A notebook will be more colorful with various colored washi tapes applied on the front book cover.

Lovely DIY Washi Tape Ideas with Heart Shaped Details for Card and Wall Ornaments

Beautify your Books using Colorful Washi Tape Ideas and Small Flowers on Grey Table

Christmas decoration can be taken from washi tape ideas, too. Find sphere objects and then apply washi tapes on the object surface. This is simple and easy trick for making cheap DIY Christmas decoration. Keep the holiday cards at the same theme with the Christmas decoration because it will look cute. Still during holiday, if you want your coffee cup more colorful too, start applying cheerful washi tape on it.

Christmas Decoration using Colorful Washi Tape Ideas on Small Balls on White Table

Pink and Red Flowers Decorating Spring Card with Cute Washi Tape Ideas on White Table

Use Colorful Washi Tape Ideas in Tumbler to Complete Holiday Party Details on Granite Table

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