Double Bed Size Set for Luxurious Touch in Big Bedroom

It’s been interior standard for a big bedroom to set double bed size. There are benefits of placing super king bed in a bedroom. One of the benefits is making the room has the absolute luxury. If you want a luxurious master bedroom, set this double bed with elegant decoration.

Choose Stylish Double Bed Size for Comfy Bedroom with Square Side Table and Brown Carpet Rug

The bedding styles for king size bed can be simple or classy. Simple design is related to stylish and chic bedding. Classy usually defines traditional and glamorous look. The bedding platforms are varied. There is steel platform or wood platform. Contemporary look prefer simple steel but traditional usually has heavier wooden bedding.

White Bedding on Oak Double Bed Size Placed in Minimalist Bedroom with White Flooring

Combine Classic Metal Double Bed Size with White Bedding for Old Fashioned Bedroom

Enchanting Black Tufted Double Bed Size Placed inside Fantastic Bedroom with Laminate Oak Flooring

Masculine bedroom must be extremely elegant with double bed size. The bedding color is popular in dark. Dark grey, dark brown or dark solid colors are the common bedding theme. Dark steel platform suits with industrial bedroom interior. This will add the industrious value especially if it is designed in masculine theme.

Complete Spacious Bedroom with Dark Double Bed Size and Grey Bedding on Grey Concrete Flooring

The headboard design determines how the bedding personality will look like. Unique headboard with special design is suggested for white king size bed. There is no certain rule to follow in choosing headboard style for double bed size. The more unique, it is usually the more enchanting. Whether the headboard theme is Bohemian style with ethnic accent or classy headboard made from wood materials, they fit with king sized bed.

Unique Headboard and Grey Bedding on Double Bed Size Completing Interesting Bedroom with White Flooring

Add White Shaded Table Lamps on Wooden Nightstands beside Oak Double Bed Size on Laminate Flooring

Monochromatic bedding style is the design recommended for simple bedroom with contemporary concept. The bedroom identity will be defined by the sharp lined platform with king sized mattress on it. The duvet color should be the same with the bedding color, too.

Strong Legs and Grey Bedding for Stunning Double Bed Size on White Flooring inside Stylish Bedroom

If you desire combining the bedding with the furniture, choose the color arrangement in neutral tone. Modern or contemporary bedroom should look bright. But traditional bedroom looks elegant in a darker color such as black or brown. Placing nice contemporary nightstand on every side of the bedside is great to decorate the contemporary bedroom.

Place Dark Double Bed Size between Black Dressers on White Tile Flooring for Simple Bedroom

Use Low Nightstands beside Wide Platform Double Bed Size in Enchanting Bedroom with Clean Flooring

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