Cozy Walk in Closet Design with Excellent Decoration and Interior

Walk in closet is a part of home where clothes and all fashion stuff are stored. There are some things to consider when it comes to walk in closet design. They include the architectural design, furnishing, decorating, etc. All of them are important to make a room with interesting interior and with effective storage.

Sensational LED Lighting for Modern Walk In Closet with Wooden Wardrobe Cabinets and Drawers near Shelves

Walk in closet is commonly built nearby the bedroom and bathroom. The room must be well connected to those rooms. It should be in proportional design and size. Some closets are in small and open design while others have a large room with large storages.

Place White Island for Wide Walk In Closet Design with Tidy Shoes Shelves and White Cabinets on Oak Flooring

Best Walk In Closet Design with Clean White Shelves and Long Clothes Hangers facing White Island

Wooden Shelves and Cabinets inside Minimalist Design for Walk In Closet with Pulled Drawers and Shoes Shelves

Closet with windows is another exemplary of walk in closet design. This design is important when you have dark closet. Windows will provide natural lighting to make it look brighter. Even when it is possible, floor to ceiling glass window is a good option to also present the outside view.

Modern Bedroom and Walk In Closet Design with White Cabinets and Shelves under White Painted Ceiling

Light Up your Small Walk In Closet with Dark Shelves and Clothes Shelves facing Dark Ottoman

The Awesome Walk In Closet for Bachelor with Wide Oak Shelves and Drawers facing Wide Clear Glass Wall

Furnishing has a big role in supporting walk in closet design interior. The better the furniture, the more captivating the interior will look. Make sure you have a good portion and combination of open and closed storages. Hangers are usually added to keep some clothes that are usually used to make them easily taken.

Choose Crystal Chandelier in Breathtaking Walk In Closet with Floating Shelves and Drawers facing Glass Sliding Door

Industrial Design for Walk In Closet with Dark Shelves and Long Clothes Hangers near Bright Glass Wall

Not only do they need storages, walk in closets also need seating units. You can employ ottoman or chair. Bench is also a good alternative for longer seating.

Use Free Space in Bedroom with Planted Walk In Closet Design for White Shoes Shelves and Drawers

You better also improve the closet interior design with some decorative elements. The most common decoration is rug. It blends with the seating unit and connects it to the storages. Lighting is another important item to apply. Installing ceiling lamps may be sometimes not enough. Decorative pendant lamp or chandelier should be considered to improve the interior.

Place Various Shelves and Drawers in Wide Walk In Closet Design with Laminate Oak Flooring and White Ceiling

Also related to walk in closet decoration design is the coloring scheme. It can be in black and white, but neutral tone interior is more popular recently.

Floating Oak Drawers Completing Innovative Walk In Closet with Clothes Hangers and Tidy Wooden Shelves

Clear Glass Windows above White Shoes Shelves and Classic Drawers in Impressive Walk In Closet Design using Hardwood Flooring

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