Classy Dark Wood Floor Making Your Hardwood Gloomy Free

It’s not true that dark wood floor makes the room looks ugly and gloomy. Besides light wooden floor, dark floor is an option on the other side to make the room looks more luxurious.

Traditional Dining and Sitting Room with Wooden Table Set and White Sofas on Dark Wood Floors

Dark hardwood floor is so eye catching. The designs consider dark floor as an asset to make the interior looks classier and luxurious.

Dark Wood Floors inside Modern Living Room with White Sofa Chaises and Wide Coffee Table

Don’t worry about the statement saying that dark wood floor makes the space looks smaller. In a contrary, dark floor can create more spacious room. It is because the dark shades give the depth perception.

Use Dark Wood Floors for Open Floor Plan with Modern Kitchen and Wide Dining Room near Sitting Area

Dark wood adds sophisticated look and stylish richness. The dark hardwood also adds more natural texture. Bold statement is made by this dark flooring style. Don’t let dark color of the floor makes you afraid to make your house looks more excellent.

Bright Ceiling Lamps above Long Island and Fluffy Stools on Dark Wood Floors inside Open Kitchen

White interior theme needs contrast color. If all the interior elements are white, dark floor is needed as the platform.

Combine White and Wooden Cabinets near Marble Island on Laminate Dark Wood Floors under White Ceiling

An eclectic room with modern dark colored interior elements should have rustic dark floor. Made from high quality wood, the room will appear as the luxurious retreat.

Old Fashioned Metal Chandelier above Long Dining Table and Dark Chairs on Dark Brown Wood Floors

Plain or neutral color light white, light grey or creme needs a highlight. Dark flooring can help to highlight the furniture and other interior components in bright colors.

Interesting Grey Tufted Sofa Chaises and Simple Table on Dark Wood Floors for Minimalismt Sitting Area

Simple contemporary kitchen may look ordinary. Therefore, wood floor with rustic texture is needed. This will create beautiful dimension either for the floor itself or for the kitchen as a whole.

Clean White Cabinets and Counter inside Stylish Kitchen with Natural Dark Wood Floors and Glass Windows

Dark hue is always related to the elegance. Therefore dark wood floor is the most wanted for the homeowners who prefer bold color accent or theme.

Natural Dark Wood Floors for Wide Room with Wooden Bookshelves and Glass Flower Vase near White Framed Window

Dark floor from wood with a little bright accent is the match for oriental interior layout. Oriental interior usually uses Zen as the main theme. Here is why more natural dark wood is needed. Whether it is classic or contemporary, dark floor is always suitable for any layouts.

Japanese Sitting Area using Dark Wood Floors with Dark Seat Cushions and Unique Ornaments

Complete Spacious Room with Dark Fireplace and Stylish Ceiling Lamp above Dark Wood Floors

Small Dining Table Set between Comfy Living Room and Kitchen on Dark Wood Floors

Spacious Bedroom with Long Grey Vanity and White Sinks near Cozy Bathtub on Dark Wood Floors

Modern Apartment Interior using Dark Wood Floors with Black Round Table and Leather Sofa facing Appealing Kitchen

Living Room using Simple Design with Grey Sofa Chaise and Round Side Tale on Dark Wood Floors

Choose White and Red Sofas for Simple Living Room with Glass Top Table on Dark Wood Floors

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