Basic Guide for Designing Delicate Feng Shui House

The house design having strong philosophy is the Feng Shui house. The house design has the spots that are associated with different and unique aspects in life. Feng Shui designs are arranged based on the positive energy resource and health. It has been believed that Feng Shui living space has more positive energy and even exotic compared to other house designs.

 Feng Shui House Design Plan with Small Bathroom facing Office Space near Bedroom and Kitchen Space

Start to consider in arranging the seating space in bright nuance. Simple room with greenery decoration is beautiful for a bright living room. According to Feng Shui guide, the solid sofa must be far from the entrance. Make the rooms have large or lots windows. The window’s colors are up to you. Following the classic architecture, the arched windows style are classy, too.

Build the House using Best Feng Shui House Design Plan with 3 Bedrooms and Living Dining Room

Brilliant Feng Shui House Plan with Positive Directions for Dining Room and Office Area

Keep the dining room clean. Feng Shui house should always be clean. Avoid placing other things that are not related to dining in the dining room. For dining room seating, you better place big table in the middle of it so if you have to invite guests, you can just pull chairs. The kitchen and the dining space are always placed side by side. It’s the symbols of health and nutrition. These two rooms usually have great maintenance.

Wide Feng Shui House Plan with Wide Family Room and Stylish Kitchen near Foyer Area

Complete your Dream House using Brilliant Feng Shui House Plan with Wide Dining Room and Cozy Living Room

Always using the front door is a must. Therefore, you should place the entrance door in the right position. About doors, keep the bathroom door always closed. Door represents something important in Feng Shui house, therefore they are should always be designed based on their function.

Spacious Garage in Awesome Feng Shui House Design Plan with Wide Kitchen and Dinng Room

Maintain the house environment by cleaning every room regularly. If you have garden or other exterior features, you better have maintenance schedule. Ponds or pools should always be clean.

Choose this Amazing Feng Shui House Plan with Kitchen and Dining Rooms near Living Rooms and Media Room

Avoid anything or any room decoration pointing straight down. It shows negative energy. It’s better for you to use the natural element decoration such as flowers or plants. Adding the room scent up is recommended. The aromatherapy or natural scent can clean the room air up.

Use Brilliant Feng Shui House Plan for House Interior with Kitchen and Dining Room near Living Room

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