4 Stunning Concepts on How to Organize a Closet

Do you want to know How to Organize a Closet for your small bedroom? If you really want it, the following information is very beneficial for you. Starting from the main area of closet, you can apply mounted shelves. Why? Because this kind of closet model can save extra space. Yet, you can put your collection on a box of cabinet. If you have extra space, a huge mirror can be placed beside the main closet shelves. Yet, you should also place a couch against it.

Best Idea to Organize a Closet with Clear Containers on White Shelves in Small Area

Place Floor Mirror inside Walk In Closet as Brilliant How to Organize a Closet Idea

For those who really only have small area for closet, built in closet can be the greatest idea. In one area, you can immediately put your top collection and bottom collection. Usually, shirts are separated from trousers because the shirts must look tidy, right? This concept can also be applied for closet of children. To get more space, you can substitute wooden panel with usual curtain. Even sliding panel is easy to install, the cost is quite expensive. You must want to save more money, right?

Fill Small Area using Brilliant Idea to Organize a Closet with Clothes Hangers and Tidy Shelves

Organize a Baby Closet with White Shelves and Long Clothes Hanger above Toy Space

Cover the Closet using Thick Curtain in Awesome Ways to Organize a Closet Project with Shoes Shelves and Cabinets

Tidy Way to Organize a Closet with White Shelves and Dark Blue Boxes on White Wall

Different from women’s closet, the closet for men can be less decorated. Usually black concept and white concept are chosen. For the organization of closet, most of the collections are hanged up. Still, the bottom collections are placed at the separated area. Placing several cabinets are also allowed. However, plastic cabinets are completely restricted. Talking about the large space for men’s closet, a small ottoman can be placed in the middle of room.

White Wicker Basket and Boxes on White Shelves for Interesting How to Organize a Closet Idea

Wooden Shelves and Clothes Hangers in Smart Steps to Organize a Closet with Cream Boxes

Use Black Leather Tufted Bench and Classic Dresser inside Wide Walk In Closet with Brilliant Organize Steps

Meanwhile, closet for women is completely different. Why? Because not only women’s collections are put there, but also almost all stuffs. Dealing with the concept of mounted shelves, the small cabinet is completely suitable for it. Still, wooden material dominates the decoration of closet on bedroom. IN brief, mentioned concepts are very suitable for those who have small bedroom.

Clean White Shoes Shelves and Dark Boxes Completing Impressive Ways to Organize a Closet Project

Smart How to Organize a Closet Ideas for Tiny Space with White Shelves and Shoes Shelves

Complete Kitchen Storage using Awesome Organize a Closet Idea with Wooden Shelves and Cabinets

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