4 Applicable Steps for Small Bathroom Design of Studio House

After dealing with other rooms, now you must deal with Small Bathroom Design. Are you ready? Usually, the small bathroom only consists of lavatory, bathroom basin and bathroom shower. Are you able to design those three main components in such small space? Alright, for the main interior wall, it can be designed with both plain backsplash and tiles backsplash. The plain concept deals with concrete wall. Meanwhile, tiles backsplash is used to remove small appearance of bathroom.

Small Bathroom Design with White Vanity and Closed Shower Area using Flipped Door

Glass Panel in Small Bathroom Design with Open Shower Area and Wooden Vanity

Old Fashioned Small Bathroom Design with Closed Shower Room and White Bathtub near Oak Vanity

For those who have larger space for bathroom, mini bath tub can be added. Usually, the white wall painting really looks so enchanting with LED lamps. Talking about the peach color of interior wall, the built in lamp is combined with artistic wall ornaments. Still, the marble tiles are combined with concrete interior wall. By installing a window panel, the window shutter is better not applied on it. Whereas, usual furniture can be chosen instead of applying various furnishings.

Clear Glass Shower Space and Floating Vanity for Small Bathroom Design with White Bathtub

Fill your Small Bathroom Design with White Bathtub and Sink near Grey Tile Wall under White Ceiling

Floating Vanity and White Sinks facing White Bathtub and Windows inside Small Bathroom Design

The glass room divider can be used to separate the dry room and wet room. Since 2015, dry bathroom becomes so popular among people in urban area. They optimize the small space of bathroom with such concept. Still, granite tiles are completely enchanting because it can be applied for both floor system and wall system. The white concept for small bathroom must sense wider appearance. For the grey interior wall, white concept must look so optimized.

Complete Small Bathroom Design with Corner Glass Doors Shower Space and Floating White Sink

Enjoy Time inside Small Bathroom Design with White Bathtub and Sink near Glass Shower Room

Glass Door on Corner Shower Room Placed in Small Bathroom Design with White Sink and Toilet

Dealing with the installation of small bathroom, glass divider is better not covered with any bathroom curtain. The vault ceiling concept can also be the most magnificent model. Indeed, wooden floor system can also be another option. Those who want to apply white concept must deal with rustic wall style. Yet, the installation of minimalist furniture must fit small bathroom. In brief, decorating small bathroom does not deal with many aspects.

Grey Granite Tile Wall and Flooring Used in Small Bathroom Design with White Sink and Closed Shower Area

White Bathtub and Floating Vanity near Stylish Shelves for Small Bathroom Design with Grey Flooring

Unusual White Sink and Clear Wall Mirror for Small Bathroom Design with White Wall and Brown Flooring

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