13 Best Position for Feng Shui Bedroom of Small House

Don’t you think that Feng Shui Bedroom is completely suitable to apply for your bedroom decoration? Don’t you know why? It is because Feng Shui can represent the owner of the bedroom. Now, let’s take a look at several designs of the perfect bedroom. For the large bedroom platform, you had better place a small nigh stand beside it. You should choose white color because it can emboss the gradient lights. Still, you should also need to add built in lamp system. The decoration must be very great.

Wide White Bed and Bright Table Lamps placed inside Comfy Feng Shui Bedroom

Brown Bench and Oak Bed between Simple Nightstands for Appealing Feng Shui Bedroom

LED Lighting on White Ceiling above Wooden Bed and Long Bay Seats Window in Feng Shui Bedroom

For the tropical nuance, a vase of plant can be place perfectly against the glass window. Here, you may combine it with wooden ornament. Why? Because the nuance of wooden ornaments must complete the small bedroom. Here, you should protest if your room is not too wide. However, since Feng Shui is the solution, you do not need to worry anymore. Furthermore, the animal printing is applied as main wall decoration of the bedroom.

Complete Feng Shui Bedroom with Cozy Sitting Area using White Sofas and Wide Ottoman

Wavy Wall Pattern Decorating Masculine Feng Shui Bedroom with Grey Bed and Black Wingchair

White Framed Glass Doors Completing Comfy Feng Shui Bedroom with Solid Oak Bed and Nightstands

Fill Spacious Feng Shui Bedroom with White Bed and Nightstands on Laminate Oak Flooring

Talking about the position of bed platform, you can also place it in the middle of room. This position is very great for your blood circulation. Why? Because your head perfectly against the window panel. You cannot add any furniture along with bedroom furniture. Talking about the lamp system, chandelier lamps can be placed on the night stand. The design is completely adorable, isn’t it? As the wood is so glossy, you cannot placed any floor ornaments. However, floor rug is also very applicable to apply depends on your creation.

Add Vintage Themed Sitting Room in Feng Shui Bedroom with White Sofa and Round Table

Dark Wooden Canopy Bed in Classic Feng Shui Bedroom with Bright Table Lamp above Hardwood Flooring

Wooden Platform Bed and White Bedding beside Oak Nightstands for Simple Feng Shui Bedroom

Combine Classic Wall Lamps and Modern Ceiling Lamp inside Dark Feng Shui Bedroom with Black Bed

Now, for the main lamp system, you should apply pendant lamps. Why? Because it can be combined with drum lampshade. The effect, you can completely distribute the whole lights for the whole room. Still, authentic rug can be the most captivating part of small bedroom. Therefore, Feng Shui can be the solution of all problems.

Black Dressers and Wide Bed Placed in Minimalist Feng Shui Bedroom with Laminate Flooring

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