13 Amazing Picture of Houses for Design References

Are you looking for several Picture of Houses as reference for your own house design? If you do, this article is really made special for you. Starting for the minimalist house, you will have a hobbit house. You can find the design very amazing because the house is built under the ground. You will also be surprised when finding that square house can be built with glass material. Here, glass panel replaces the function of exterior wall. Indeed, each area of room must be the best view nook for house.

Triangular Blue Swimming Pool and Green Yard near Etraordinary Pictures of Houses with Glass Walls

Flat Roof for Modern Pictures of Houses with Clear Glass Sliding Doors and Green Grass Yard

Clear Glass Wall and Wooden Framed Glass Door in Contemporary Pictures of Houses facing Grass Area

Choose the Modern Pictures of Houses with Glass Walls and White Framed Glass Door under Flat Roof

Move to contemporary house concept, you will get a small house near the beach. Why is beach location very special? It is because the house can be installed with various models of lamp system. By optimizing the lamp installation, glass panel can also be applied on it. The result? You must have the best resort designed in contemporary style. Furthermore, the resort perfectly faces the adorable view of tiding beach.

Simple Exterior Pictures of Houses with Wooden Wall and Wide Glass Windows in Wide Grass Yard

Night Pictures of Houses View with Bright Interior Lighting and Clear Glass Windows near Grass Yard

Except those two house concepts, usually people tend to build a house with outdoor pool. Some others build an infinity pool, yet others build usual pool. Completing the decoration of exterior part, small area is functioned as garden. Sometimes, several spots are functioned as outdoor nook. With two story house concepts, the pool can be combined with such green lawn.

Wonderful Pictures of Houses at Night with Bright Lighting and Blue Swimming Pool

Check this Pictures of Houses with Grey Roof and Wide Glass Windows near Comfy Balcony

Open Floor Plan in Attractive Pictures of Houses with Wooden Dining Table Set and Cream Sofas

Still, both front yard and backyard are completely stunning. Why? Because the lawn is so large that can complete the exterior decoration. At the rooftop, large space can be applied as the best view nook. Outdoor canopy can also be perfect spot for nook. The patio can also be decorated with such concept. Usually, the patio is combined with rustic wooden sculptures for exterior ornaments. Therefore, as the exterior applies several concepts, your house design can imitate to these all mentioned house design.

Choose the Best Pictures of Houses Design with White Painted Wall and Clear Glass Windows

Sensational Exterior Look in Appealing Pictures of Houses with Cream Painted Wall and Artistic Wooden Door

Back to Nature in the Rustic Pictures of Houses with Wooden Wall and Roof near Small Wooden Patio

Enjoy Eating at Outdoor Pictures of Houses Dining Table Set and Barbeque Set

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