12 Lavish Design of Indoor Swimming Pool for Mansion House

Have you ever imagined to have Indoor Swimming Pool on your house? You may not be able to big the biggest one, but at least you can have it, right? Okay, you need to take a look at the following pictures below. Starting from the design, the indoor pool can be designed in both circle and rectangular model. For the rectangular model, it can be added a separation pool. Meanwhile, the circle pool seems so similar to indoor Jacuzzi in bigger size. Yet, the domination color is better white color.

Amazing Indoor Swimming Pool Design with Blue Pool and Clear Glass Walls under Wooden Beams

Blue Ceiling and Small Lamps above Bright Indoor Swimming Pool near Wooden Flooring

Wide Blue Indoor Swimming Pool near Grey Chairs and Brown Flooring under Stylish Ceiling

Talking about the concept of wooden tiles for pool vanity, the wooden floor must be unpolished. Why? Because it can boost the concept of infinity pool. Still, the ceiling lamps really complete the interior design of indoor pool. Talking about the installation of ceiling, crossing bar is also considered as the best one. Talking about the model of ceiling bar, the square lampshade can embrace the better lamp system. Still, LED lamps are completely magnificent as the ceiling is designed in vault system.

Add Rustic Details inside Long Indoor Swimming Pool with Wooden Beams and Wood Framed Glass Windows

Combine Modern Skylights and Rustic Wooden Beams above Blue Indoor Swimming Pool near Concrete Flooring

Decorate Wonderful Indoor Swimming Pool Space with Panoramic Wall Mural and Stunning Lighting

You may also apply transparent ceiling. However this model is not allowed for those live in mountain, why? Because it can be cracked in sudden due to the inconsistency of ground movement. Yet, the window panel also looks so magnificent because the window is not covered with any curtain. Talking about the floor system, again, tiles installation is also allowed. Yet, wall lamps can be the most magnificent lamp decoration for room.

Clear Skylights for Indoor Swimming Pool Design with White Beach Chairs and Concrete Flooring

Artistic Blue Glass Windows Decorating Indoor Swimming Pool Area with Wavy Pool and Cozy Beach Chairs

Combine Classic Pillars and Stone Flooring inside Awesome Indoor Swimming Pool with Gorgeous Lights

Dealing with the installation of rest area, it can be decorated with small bench. Still, the perforated ceiling is completely magnificent because the interior wall is painted in plain concept. Talking about the LED lamps, it is better to install it beneath the ceiling. You must not find the similar design at other house concepts. Therefore, indoor pool is really suggested for those who live in mansion.

Place Grey Benches and Side Tables facing Blue Indoor Swimming Pool and Rustic Wooden Beams

See the Blue Sky from Clear Skylights above Indoor Swimming Pool near French Doors

Wavy Wall Pattern and White LED Lights Decorating Indoor Swimming Pool with Tile Base

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